Reliable Inspection Services

If the building is on a slab, we search for cracks in the foundation and/or bricks. If the building is on piers (raised), we look at the condition and spacing of the piers, and the condition of the subfloor. We look for visual deficiencies and let the buyer know if any actions need to be considered.

We inspect the windows to check for cracks, proper caulking, and general condition. Brick walls are observed for excessive or large cracks. We check vinyl siding walls for damage. The condition of the soffit and fascia are also checked. Electric garage doors are tested.

The interior walls are visually checked for damage. The dishwasher is turned on; all lights are checked; all doors are opened and closed; ceilings are observed for evidence of prior or present leaks. If there is a fireplace, it is checked for cracks in the firebox and the condition of the flue/damper is tested.

We inspect the condition of the roof - metal or shingle. We are looking for missing or damaged shingles; we check flashings and vent stacks for the plumbing and make recommendations. We also check ventilation - such as whirlybirds.

The main panels and any secondary panel covers are pulled. We are looking for double taps, undersized wires, and over heated wires. Each outlet is checked and we let you know if any are wired incorrectly. We also make recommendations on where GFCI's are needed.

Air Conditioning / Heating
The condenser on the outside and the evaporator coils on the inside are checked. We do a differential on the A/C and tell you if it is cooling properly and if it needs to be serviced. We also check each duct for differential output. If there are any gas appliances, such as a heater, exchanger, hot water heater, etc., we check these to see if there are any leaks. We also check the equipment to see if it needs servicing.

The condition of the fixtures (lavatories, toilets, tubs, etc.) is checked to see if every thing drains properly and if there are shut-off valves where needed.

Insulation Ventilation
A verbal report is given on the spot. The written narrative report, which includes pictures, averages between 20 and 25 pages, is received the next business day. There is an overview in the front of the report and every section is broken down for easy reference.

Doug Frickey is a Senior Inspector licensed with the State (#10121). He is one of eighteen infield trainers who can train other inspectors. He is a member of the Bayou Board of Realtors and was voted Entrepreneur of the Year by its members. In addition, he is a licensed contractor in the remodeling industry in Terrebonne Parish who has been is business for thirty years.

Home Inspection Services