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Prospective homebuyers want a home that has been mold inspected. Mold sampling has become a standard practice during a home inspection. You should not buy a home with mold, sell a home with mold or live in a home with mold. A mold inspection is your first defense. We have a thorough 3-step process. First we start with a visual inspection. It will identify any visible water leaks or moisture stains on ceilings, walls, and floors or under counters. The air conditioning and heating systems, the attic and crawl spaces under homes will also be looking at.

Our next step is air sampling. The purpose of air sampling is to determine the type and amount of airborne contamination is in the home or building. When air sampling is performed, both indoor and outdoor air are sampled, so the results can be compared to see if a problem exists. Then a tape/swab sampling is completed. Tape/Swab samples are usually collected from visible moldy surfaces by wiping the area with a sterile swab. This type of sampling is used to identify specific mold types.

Examples of Home Mold

  • Basements, kitchens, around bathroom vanities, washer/dryer area.
  • The underside of carpet and padding.
  • The surface of walls behind furniture.
  • Ceilings and the top side of ceiling tiles.
  • Front and backside of drywall.
  • Inside HVAC systems and duct work.
  • Clothing

Mold Inspection Services
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